Thursday 30 April 2015

IndigoBlu workshop at CHA Creative Exchanges

Hi how are you?

I can't believe it's been over a week since #creativeexchanges, I've been busy playing catchup and going over my notes, which I can tell you there are pages and pages lol The next stage was to make a plan of action and act upon it, seeing instant improvements makes me very happy! Others will take a bit longer but that makes me happy too as it's a step in the right direction.

So tonight I'll be sharing my amzing time during a workshop demonstrated by the lovely and very talented Sara Naumann, on behalf of IndigoBlu. Sara is such an inspiration and I have learned so much from her throughout the event.

I have never attended a workshop before never-mind an IndigoBlu one so you can forgive for being a bit nervous but there really was no need. It was also my first ever experience using paints and Mega-flakes but it won't be my last. I embraced this new and exciting experience and lived in hope of doing these amazing products justice, I think I passed....

I love this picture of my amazing friend Jaine and what a way to start a workshop lol

Below is my first card that I created using the FlutterGlu starter kit with Mega-Flakes (winter dawn) following Sara's instructions. I'll warn you, there's a little stopper on the FlutterGlu bottle that you need to pull out carefully, else it will fly everywhere!

I really love the vintage style of this card.

Next up was playing with the English Cottage Artists Acrylic paints eeeeeep! and the Limor Circles stamp set. Being a pink kind of girl I was eager to try out the vibrant pink colour but tonight was all about getting out of my comfort zone so instead I opted for the green called Emerald city, what a fabulous name! It was amazing and you wouldn't believe how quickly the paint dried, I'm still in shock! No grabbing the heat tool or waiting hours for it dry. So guess what my next purchase will be hee hee.

I love the effect of the metallic paint and the shimmering colours of the Mega-Flakes, it's a magpies heaven.

and a close up....

I'd like to say a huge thank you to IndigoBlu for giving us the starter kit to take home, I honestly can't wait to try this again, so watch this space!

Later tonight we have a Sarah Hurley design team meeting which is always so much fun hearing the latest news and what Sarah has planned for us.

Thank you for stopping and leave a comment below so I can pop by your blog and say hi.

Clare x

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  1. It was a fantastic weekend and the workshop would still have been amazing even without the pint of cider - LOL Your card turned out beautifully and I'm so glad you were introduced to something which normally you wouldn't have even looked at. Kisses to you. xxxx