Thursday 15 March 2012

Sarah Hurley Challenges-Steam Punk

Atchooo.....yip I'm sorry to report that I am in fact loaded with a cold and a pretty bad one at that lol So today I'm taking it easy which after a super busy week it's just what the doctor ordered.

Last weekend was spent catching up with friends and as usual we all eat, drank and laughed so much it actually hurt. So you would think we would all be have had a relaxing Sunday morning but no instead we decided to climb the Dumyat hill in Stirling....the things you plan when you're drunk lol The weather was fab and the children done so well climbing all the way there and back. I think it was the promise of a chip butty at a local cafe in Bridge of Allan and some ice cream that spured them on the way down.

Today there's a brand new challenge over at Sarah Hurley Challenges and it's Claire Liz turn to host and the theme she has chosen is....


If you haven't seen Sarah's new steampunk cd then please pop on over to our challenge blog. You'll be amazed at the projects the dt girls have made using the steam punk digi kit and it's great to see so many different styles...something for everyone!

Below is my tag and as you can see it's not the conventional style of steam punk. But how could I resist those dotty papers and who said everything has to be brown lol

and another

and yet another lol...

right... enough pictures from me I think lol


Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment, I really do appreciate reading them all and hopefully I'll be stopping by your blog soon.

hugs Clare

P.S. There's also a brand new challenge over at Charisma and our theme this week is alter something.

Friday 9 March 2012

Stampin For The Weekend

Right ladies, I'm going to cut straight to the point, which one of you stole my week? It feels like in the blink of an eye it's been and gone which is slightly worrying as I do believe it's a sign of old age and I'm only 35 lol. On the other hand it does mean it's only a few hours til the weekend and soon I'll be enjoying the company of a few special friends of mine.

Today there's a brand new challenge over at Stampin For The Weekend and we had a


challenge for you

Unfortunately I don't have a card to share but the other DT have made some amazing projects so please pop on over here and check them out.

Both children are at nursery and the plan is to have a wee crafty hour then make some soup.Hopefully this time I won't slice my nail and finger like I did last week which I was told by my 5 year old that I wasn't paying attention. To be fair he did have a point I was rather distracted, one of them being naughty pigeons in my garden lol

Take care for now and I hope you all have a fab weekend

hugs Clare

Thursday 8 March 2012

Charisma Cardz Challenges- Ribbon

Yikes, I can't believe it's 10pm and this is me just getting the chance to write this post. It's been pretty much non-stop all day and although I managed to cross off a few tasks on my to do list I did have to add a few more *sigh*. I either need to wish for more hours in a day or work out how to split myself into two,three or possibly more lol But don't be fooled it wasn't a bad day, I did manage a 3k run this morning and a couple of hours this afternoon was spent watching Cat In The Hat while ironing, which I have to admit was a great survival tactic...just lol I do love Dr Seuss and he has so many great quotes, this one in particular is my favourite...

' Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind'


Below is my card for Charisma and this week our challenge theme is....


we also have an extra prize up for grabs for the most ribbon used.

For more details about our challenge and inspiration from the dt click here

Well I'm off, my beds calling me and I'm so looking forward to getting cozy with my freshly washed bedlinen, sad I know but I do love my bed lol

Thanks again for stopping by and hope to catch up with you all soon

hugs Clare x

Friday 2 March 2012

Sarah Hurley Challenges- Birthdays

Afternoon all, have we all got that great Friday feeling? I can positively say I did not have the Friday feeling at 5am this morning when Arran woke me up with a nose bleed. In fact I think it wasn't until well after 10am that I felt almost human again lol You can't beat a good dose of caffeine, a nice warm bubbly bath and music blasting out your stereo...oh and a wee cat nap lol So it's fair to say my kiddie free morning turned out not too bad afterall.

I was planning to spend a couple of hours out the garden this afternoon but my beautiful spring day has turned into a wet and cold one :-( Which is a real bummer as I really miss potting about in my garden, I think the last time I spent some quality time out in my garden was last October. Yikes where has the time gone lol

So this afternoon I'm sharing with you my dt card for Sarah Hurley Challenges. Our theme this week is a nice and easy one


And while were are on the subject of birthdays like to say a huge Happy Birthday to some of my wonderful dt gals who have birthdays this month. I hope you all have a fabulous day and get spoiled rotten.

Check out my card below which was made using Sarah's Mermaid Collection. This octopus is such a cutie and I just love the wave paper, it may well me my new favourite lol

Well I best be off I need to make a start on 60 mothers day cards for my toddler group and I've got til this Monday to finish, so enjoy your weekend and I hope it's an amazing one!

hugs Clare x

p.s thanks for all the lovely comments you have left this week you are all too kind!

Thursday 1 March 2012

Charisma -Masking Challenge

Afternoon all, how are we today? I have a poorly 5 year old today who is feeling rather sorry for himself so it's looking likely that we won't be venturing far. I am hoping that Calpol will work it's magic soon but until then I think a hug or two will be on the cards.Don't you just love a good hug?( if such a thing exists), they are perfect for a whole host of reasons. Whether it be of comfort or joy or when you have finally meet up with a friend of loved one after a long period of time or it could be in those moments when words fail us. But for me I think the best hugs of of all are the unexpected ones or the just because ones, I do love the simple things in life lol So go on give hug lol

Anyway the reason for my post today is to let you all know there's a brand new challenge over at Charisma.It's team Gem's turn this week so there's is no dt card from me but I will be back later tonight with my dt card for Sarah Hurley Challenges. Christel is our host this week and she has chosen


It's not something I do often and although it looks very intimidating I do wish I had the time to join in this week after all it wouldn't be called a challenge if it didn't challenge us..right lol

So please pop on over here to check out the winners for last weeks challenge and the prizes and inspiration for this weeks challenge.

Catch you all later

hugs Clare