Thursday 26 January 2012

Pretty In Pink

Evening how are we all? Hubby's been in France all week so it's been rather hectic in the Broons hoose trying to juggle work and family life. But I did managed to squeeze in some crafting time Monday night and Tuesday afternoon for an hour or two but I'm gutted to say I haven't managed my daily run. I started running in September and my goal is to run 10k.To date I have managed 6k but would you believe I'm loaded with the cold again, 3rd one this year, so there will be no running for me anytime soon grrrrrr. On a more positive note my fitness level has improved dramatically and it's great having dropped a dress size which only means one thing, I need to go on a shopping spree for new clothes,whoop whoop lol

Anyway enough of my babbling tonight I have my dt card for our new challenge over at Charisma and our theme this week is

Pretty In Pink

Once again we have some amazing prizes up for grabs and the dt have oodles of inspiration so please pop on over here

It's an early bed for me but be sure to pop by my blog tomorrow when I will share my dt card for Stampin For The Weekend.

Ta Ta for now

hugs Clare xxx

Friday 13 January 2012

Out With The Old

Hey peeps how are you all? You might want to grab a cuppa and a chair because I'm about to go off in a rant lol
You see I was so looking forward to today, for the first time ever both my children were supposed to be in nursery from 9 til 11.30 and it was meant to be chill out time for me but nooooooooooooooooo!! Friday the 13th had other ideas :-( instead my car decided not to start which is just the biggest disaster for me as I had to get two children to two different nurserys for 9 o'clock and I had 3 mins to do it in. So I had to drop one child off which took 5 mins to walk, then walk 20 mins to lewis's nursery, get him sorted, walk another 20 mins back to house, spent the next hour tidying to then walk another 20 mins to Lewis's nursery.Once he was collected that left me 25 mins to make a quick detour to farmfoods and the final 20 min walk to the school to collect Arran then home. But just because I was home it didn't meant I could put my feet up, no I had to get lunch sorted then finish the housework all in an hour because we had the estate agent arriving at 1pm arghhhhh. It's now 4pm and finally I can grab a quick cuppa and write this post before it's time to make a start on dinner. That bottle of rose wine is def getting opened tonight and there's no question about it the children will be in bed early.....rant now over phew! lol

Anyway enough of my ramblings, lets talk craft. Today over at Stampin For The Weekend we have our first challenge of the year. And our theme this week is


Nice and easy eh??

Below is a tag I made for a birthday present and yes I know it's Edwin again but I did warn you lol

I have to apologise for the rubbish picture, it was taken when we had the storms and although these have past we haven't had a bright day since to do a retake.

Well I best be off got so much to do and I really want to fit in my 3k run before kids are in bed. So I hope you all have a fab weekend and hopefully you'll pop by again soon.

hugs Clare x

Thursday 12 January 2012

New Beginnings

Evening all, what an emotional roller coaster of a day I've had. Lewis my youngest started his first ever day at nursery this morning and although it's such a huge and exciting time in both our lives my tummy was still full of butterflies and my eyes were a little bit teary. Of course tomorrow will be the biggest test when he goes solo, kleenex will def be the must have accessory.

Tonight I'm sharing with you my dt card for Charisma and would you believe it's Charisma's 3rd birthday. To help celebrate we have 7 amazing prizes up for grabs and the perfect theme


So please join us in the celebrations and pop over here

I seem to have an abundance of little boy birthday's this month but this one in particular was made for a good friend of mine. I think it's fair to say I'm in love with my superhero Edwin, so be warned he will be popping up regularly these next few weeks.

Please pop by tomorrow when I'll be sharing my dt project for Stampin For The Weekend.

hugs Clare x

Thursday 5 January 2012

Exciting Times Ahead

I did promise I'd be back to share my news even if it is tad later than planned. Earlier Lewis took a tumbling and managed to burst his lip. He's managed to get himself in a right mess, blood everywhere, a very enlarged lip and screaming that's still ringing in my ear. Good news is he's doped with Calpol and sleeping like a baby, I'm hoping it stays that way throughout the night and I'm so not looking forward to seeing what he looks like in the morning. My poor wee lamb, he's forever getting himself in a pickle.....sounds familiar lol

Anyway onto my news which I've been bursting to tell for months but I was under strict instructions by the 'boss' to keep a tight lip. This week Sarah Hurley launched craft academy! It's a brand new website that will provide weekly inspirational projects and tutorials for all kind of crafts. It's going to be huge and I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of this new and very exciting adventure. Sarah has posted on her blog all the details but if you want to check out the website then click here.

We also have our first challenge of the year start today and we are sponsored by our very own princess...sarah. Sarah has donated a fabulous prize from her shop and the dt girls have made projects that's will def get your mojo going. I'm sorry to say I don't have a project this week, my printer finally died on me and with holidays and me being poorly I've not manged to hit the shops to get a new one :-(

Please check out our challenge blog here.

I've been a very bad blogger of late but I promise I will swing by your way soon.

hugs Clare x

Over The Rainbow

Good day peeps did you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year? With all the madness of christmas it's been weeks since my last post and today is my first of the new year.

Christmas day was full of excitement from the minute the children woke up to find that santa had been and filled their stockings full of goodies. They seemed to be more excited about the half bitten carrot that was left than the actual presents but that's kids for you, and we all know they are a bit unpredictable at times lol

New Years Eve was celebrated with close friends of mine,of course as usual we ate too much and drank too much pink champagne and we somehow managed to play trivial pursuit. Which to my surprise my team won, I think luck was on my side that night lol Either that or I was less tipsy than everyone else lol

But it hasn't all been happiness, I've really struggled this week with a bad cold and not so good news from my best friend. And no matter how strong you try to be, desperately holding back the tears, they come in floods and your left wondering are they ever going to stop and how much longer is this pain going to last. Everyday I live in hope that everything will be ok, now why didn't I wish for that magic wand that makes everything better lol.

But on a more positive note over at Charisma we have our first challenge of the year and after the horrific storms we have had this week I could do with some sunshine. Leah has chosen the the theme

over the rainbow

and we have some fabulous prizes up for grabs.For more details pop on over here

I made this card for Lewis's 3rd birthday and decided to use bright colours. I'm not a huge Edwin fan but I do love my superhero.

I'll be back later tonight with some super exciting news, if you happen to follow me on facebook then you will already know, if not you'll just have to wait lol

hugs to you all

clare x