Thursday 8 July 2010

two wee farmer browns

We are now two weeks into the summer holidays and so I thought I would show you what the broons have been up to.
This picture shows our first ever trip to our local farm enjoying strawberry and raspberry picking. Andrew and the boys spent more time eating than picking but still came away with loads of fruit. We also bought a few goodies from the farm shop which were rather yummy, another trip will def be in the pipeline and soon!!

Here's a picture of Arran and his carrots which he grew from seed in our garden. They're supposed to be small and round which is quite strange to see.After picking they were quickly washed and eaten raw, nothing beats the taste of veg straight from the garden.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer hols

hugs Clare x


  1. Awww hun you've created 2 cute farmer Browns there, Aaron looks so proud of his carrots bless him
    hugs Mandy xx

  2. Awww! How cute! We've been doing similar things - we got a bit carried away and spent £25 on strawberries when we went strawberry picking! And we've been eating our homegrown potatoes - yummy! Your family are adorable. Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  3. Ahhh! Your boys are so cute! Do you know i've never successfully grown a single carrot! We have loads of beans as they are pretty foolproof (i can kill a cactus just by looking at it) and we are attempting courgettes but time will tell....!
    Have a great weekend
    Linds xx

  4. hi, this is gorgeous. Love the colours.

  5. Hi Clare,
    Aww such wee sweeties!! Love Aaron's little carrots and those strawberries are nearly as big as he is!!
    Dawn x