Monday 23 June 2014

A Pirates Life

Hello how is everyone?

I have had to schedule this post as I'll be at toddler group being a pirate of course ha ha It's going to be madness but all good fun and hopefully I'll still be awake at the end as I still haven't fully recovered from the weekend. It was a fab but jammed packed one especially when it's nearly the end of school term.  Aswell as the normal swimming and running and a small matter of a running race, I had a party to be organised, reviews to be written up, clearing out of cupboards/folders. And then there's the start of forward planning to be put in place for the new term in August arghhhhhhh!

 So there is no doubt about it I am indeed counting down the days until the holidays, when I can chill out more and spend more time on design work. I  have a few loose ends on the design stage of some stamp sets and I'm continuing to make progress on something new, albeit slow progress lol I wish I could show you all but you will just have to wait!

I can however show you this. It's my turn to post on the Sarah Hurley 365 blog where I'm showing you how I use stamps on my project life pages. Here is a little snippet........

I love the camera stamp and you can never have enough hearts on a layout. 

I'll be back soon with some teacher cards so watch this space!!

Thanks for stopping by
Clare x

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