Friday 23 May 2014

Sarah Hurley 365

Hi folks,
it 's Clare here today and I'll be sharing something a little bit different. It all came about when I realised I need a quick reference for all my Sarah Hurley stamps. Up until recently I used to just lay them out on my desk while I was crafting but due to my ever increasing collection it's just not an option anymore. I should also confess I am such a messy crafter so space on my desk is a rarity lol.

I also needed something more organised to store them in so they are easily accessible. My initial thoughts were to make an album but then this little, perhaps crazy idea popped into my head. At first I was a bit like really? would this work? Had I gone bonkers, well more than normal, to even suggest such an idea never mind blog about it ha ha I guess you will have to be the judge of that!

So here's an album using Project Life plastic pockets. Unlike my usual posts I thought I 'd show you the finished album first then show you how I created one of my layouts. 

I've also done a little step by step on masking. I've only just tried this so I'm very much a newbie who only has a few inks. But I can show you that you only need one ink pad to create great layouts.

Doodle Doll stamp sets I used

 First select your chosen design pocket then measure and cut out card to fit in the pockets. I used white and I rounded the corners using my corner punch.

Next I stamped my Doodle Doll stamp from the 'Be Amazing' collection.

Now you need to create your mask. I'm sure you can buy masking sheets but here I just used large post it notes bought from Asda lol Stamp your image onto the paper making sure you cover the side that has the sticky bit on the reverse. This is what holds it down preventing it from slipping when you add ink to the card. Finally cut it out and place it over your stamped image on the white card.

You will need to now choose your ink and using your blending tool cover the white card until you get the desired effect you want.

With the mask still in place select a stamp to add to your background. Here I stamped the small plain feather still using the same ink pad. The aim was to create a subtle background and I think this works well.

Using a black ink pad I stamped the text border along the bottom, some eyes on her face then I added the sentiment at the top. The mask can now be removed and saved for a future project. And that's it, ready to be placed in the pocket.

 To show some contrast to my page I stamped the remaining (small)  stamps in the set directly onto white card, again rounding the corners, here's a close up!

Sarah's stamp sets fit perfectly behind the large pockets...

I decided to make all my Doodle Doll pages blue again for easy reference. Next I will be creating layouts for my stamps from the 'A Few Of My Favourite Things' kits, this time using an orange colour.

I hope you have enjoyed today's post and be sure to check out the other dt's posts too. We also have a monthly challenge with amazing prizes up for grabs. Pop on over here or click on the challenge button.

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