Friday 31 May 2013

Hobby Craft- Kids Craft

This afternoon I have something very exciting to share with you
 and this time it's all about kids craft.

The boys and I have had the opportunity to play and review Aqua Dragons from Hobby Craft. To say they were excited about this is an understatement and to be totally honest I was too.  Of course our first mission was to stalk the postman our second was a trip to our local shop to buy some bottled water. Everything else you get in the box.

Having two young children we love quick and easy and that's exactly what you get with Aqua Dragons. The instructions are real easy to follow and looking after your new dragon family is easy peasy too. Perfect when you have a busy family life!

Step 1

 Add the bottled water

Step 2

 Add the Dragon eggs

Step 3

 Pop the lid then wait for a day or two and hey presto some teeny weany Dragons, which can be viewed using the magnifying glass which is included.

Step 4

Feed your dragons (using the food sachet and spoon provided) every 2 to 3 days and take the lid off occassionaly to give them more oxygen and/also use the dopler. It really is that simple. 

First thing every morning the boys are eager to see how much their dragons have grown. If like my children they can't wait til the morning the colourful aquarium comes with a light. A great accessory for any childs bedroom. After a month our dragon family should be about 2cm in size. Pictures will be posted in due course.

You can buy these Aqua Dragons at you local Hobby Craft store or online here. Other craft items can be purchased here.

Hope you have enjoyed our post today 

Hugs Clare x

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