Sunday 30 August 2009

My First Blog Award

This award was given to me by two fantastic bloggers Mandy and Clare.I was really shocked as I have only been blogging for a few weeks, however I cant take all the credit. Up until Clare asked to become my buddy on Docrafts I had no idea what a blog was.It was also Clare who first set up my blog so a huge thankyou to her.

Mandy I have only meet recently after she stumbled upon my blog and left a wee message and this lovely award.So a huge thankyou to Mandy for this award and her lovely comments.


This award has a few rules attached-

1)Thank the person who nominated you for this award

2)Copy the logo and place it onto your blog

3) Link the person who nominated you for this award

4)Name 7 things about yourself people might find interesting

5)Nominate 7 Kreative Bloggers

6)Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate

7)Leave comments on all 7 blogs letting them know about their nomination.


Here are 7 facts about me happy reading lol

1) I love all things that glitters and sparkles

2) I am a huge Robbie and Take That fan- no comments please !!!!

3) In a matter of two years my craft storage has escalated from a shoe box to my very own craft room which originaly was my hubbies computer room ha ha.

4)I am a perfectionist in work and at home.

5)During the past 7 years I have rescued 3 cats from The Cat Protection.Felix who unfortunately is no longer with us, in kitty heaven and Sophie and Lilo.

6) I enjoy sharing a glass or two of rosie wine, particulary Blossom hill with friends mainly Susie a wonderful friend of mine and family.

7)When I was a youngster I wouldn't eat anything green.

I would like to nominate my first 7 followers to thank them for their friendship in the world of blogland







Hazel (Didos)

Why not check out their blogs and thankyou for blog hopping to mine.


  1. Oh thanks ever so much darling im honoured! may I keep holdof it until I decide what my likes etc re and the people who im gonna send it too? Im ever so grateful to you, and your blog is gret so hang on in there girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks, Clare for the award and for your lovely comments.
    Been trying to get the MAWTT and the award logos to show in my blog and I can't get them to work, goodness knows what I'm doing wrong! Know it'll be simple, but maybe need to do it some other time - not on a Sunday night!!
    Looking forward to Saturday night.
    Love Susie x

  3. Aww thanks pet! Hee I've got an award!! Do I need to do a speech and stuff hee hee!! Thanks so much huni! Well need to think who to send it too xxxxx

  4. hiya clare thanks for including me on you award off now to think of 7 things about me lol love emma x