Monday 14 September 2009


Yes, thought I would apologise for being a bad blogger since last week.Hubby has been sent out to Romania with work and since last Wednesday it's been bedlam.I have entered no blog challenges, left few comments, no blog hopping and the worst of all no crafting and to be honest I feel like my limb has been cut off.

I have arranged a craft night with my friend and buddy Susie this Wednesday and hopefully I will get some crafting done tomorrrow.I am in the middle of making a box card for my sister in-law, who is bridesmaid to a friend of hers.The weddings not until the middle of October so still got a wee while to go.

I will try and keep in touch the best I can and please visit me and leave a wee comment, even just to say hi.

Missing you all
Clare xxx

1 comment:

  1. Hi hun, I wondered where you'd gone, glad you are o.k well except for the bedlam part xx